KASTR is an NFT App that lets you control and customize your artwork's size, color, and brightness. With this app, you can ensure the perfect fit for your artwork, regardless of the aspect ratio. In addition, you can access your NFT gallery securely by simply logging in to your web3 digital wallet.

Our Milestones:

  • 2022

    · Scan device QR code
    · Authentication/Wallet connect
    · Display user NFT gallery
    · Manage devices
    · Develop frame for the Android App
    · Frame device for QR code generation
    · Cast NFT onto Frame
    · Add an NFT pals section to show a select gallery of NFTs
    · Add a volume slider to control the volume of the caster
    · Add rotate image functionality
    · Add QR code reset on frame
    · LG build
    · AndroidTV and AppleTV builds

  • 2023

    · Edit casting frame border color & width
    · Auto adjust the size based on any frame size
    · NFT casting orientation controls
    · Create/customize queue
    · Playback speed
    · Darkmode support
    · User Profile
    · Add multiple blockchain support such as Poly, Sol, Avalanche, and Flow
    · Show currently playing
    · Add Music player functionality in the queue by muting or unmuting
    · Add Opensea API implementation
    · Add metadata, description, price, and QR code input fields when casting